Late Spring Early Summer Conditions

This years Incredible Snow Pack was much needed for this area. the lakes have been a challenge to get to due to drifted snow, and still June 1 and the average nightly temperatures are still in the low 40s.

Fish Lake saw ice off just in time for Memorial weekend this year, the 3 main reservoirs for the Fremont Drainage are all full, Johnson was pulled down for repairs last year, likely leaving this reservoir as one to avoid for fishing opportunities, however both Millmeadow and Forsyth have been fishing good this year, and the waters levels are good. these should provide good fishing this summer.

Thousand Lake and Boulder Mountain Access

Still no access between Loa and Escalante yet, this means access is still not possible to the the Row lakes or Blue or Purple, with the warmer days access could happen quickly though, we encourage you to be responsible no matter where you are going this year, lets not tick off people and cause extra damage by driving around drifts, believe me I understand and know the temptation. just a friendly reminder. thousand lake as access to the Solomon basin area as well as to round lake, access is possible to the tube flat road before there are drifts stopping access any farther, and incase you are just desperate to know, as of Tuesday this week Deepcreek was still completely frozen, it was a long hike in the snow to learn this.

Boulder. access is opening up daily. here are a few lakes that are accessible, Donkey road clear to the lake now. Fishcreek road access is possible as far as Beaver Dam. most of the lakes off of highway 12 have limited access Lower Bowns is accessible but most of the others have a drift or two preventing access.

The lower Fremont has been Fantastic this year so far, opportunities are limited to rain now, any thunderstorm could muddy it up for days, try timing it after there as been a week of dry weather, salmon flies and yellow sallies should start emerging around the 12th. the upper Fremont was still low and clear last I checked, making for very skittish fish, hoping for releases from Johnson soon. look for caddis and yellow Sallie hatches around the 12 of June.

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